Power and Industrial Sector

We have the capability to provide Turnkey services to Power sector in the field of Energy Management for the Installation/ commissioning of different equipment:

  • Installation, Commissioning and Testing of Power Line Carrier (PLC)
  • Installation, Commissioning and Testing of Remote Terminals Unit (RTU) and Micro SCADA.
  • Installation, Commissioning and Testing of EMS (Energy Management System)
  • Link Budgeting and practical implementation
  • Repair and maintenance services for Power related equipment
    • Power Line Carrier cards
    • RTU’S card
    • Rectifier cards with charger
    • PABX/exchanges cards

AES can provide SCADA Applications for Energy with reliable transmission of critical control signals and data traffics between central offices and remote sites. A variety of voice, data and video surveillance applications can be seamlessly transported across links with limited bandwidth or long distance.

We have expertise at both consultant and contractor level in designing of optical system network specified for Utility Networks.

IT & Telecom:

As your trusted IT advisor, AES will build a relationship that goes far beyond simply selling and implementing your hardware or software. Because we’re focused on the entire technology lifecycle, our IT consulting and service professionals deliver a wide range of services to seamlessly help you plan, deploy, operate and refresh your technology.

  • Data Center HVAC Design & Engineering
  • Information Security Systems Design
  • Information Technology Design, Installation, & Support Services
  • Commissioning Services
  • Telecommunications Systems Design
  • Campus Infrastructure Planning & Implementation
  • Audio/Visual Systems Design
  • Security / IP surveillance
  • Fire Protection & Fire Alarm Design & Engineering
  • Data Center Building Condition Assessment Services
  • Master Planning and Feasibility Analysis Services